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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


So the end of the degree is near and all the work is completed. Well just about!

I recently spent a considerable amount of time in the print room, printing, steaming, ironing, drying, washing, cleaning and talking. :)

# Tokyo streetstyle
Fashion - womenswear collection

These were the pattern pieces i worked with to create the shirts (womenswear collecttion shirts... inspired by menswear). I chose a shirt which had a good fit and length, opened it apart and then altered a few bits and then came my pattern pieces...

The above is a snapshot of my current degree show work, the colours are vibrant, the imagery is bold, there is fine lines and typography but the "block colour" trend is definately DEFINATIVE in my recent collection.

The ditsy prints for tokyo work.
Mainly for collars, cuffs and the yolk.

White figures print and pink silhouette print. (Main designs)

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