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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Current work for graduate show 2011

Ridiculously pre-occupied recently with my graduate show work. Have failed to source designers and keep myself updated globally with the stress. I've currently been working to finalise prints for my two main collections; one womenswear fashion and the other my strange interior collection.

This is some of my current progress... hmm

These are the two colour palettes which have inspired my current designs...

Two colour ways for the same design, i think the bottom one comes across more contemporary. The vibrant lime tone help the design stand out and catch your eye.

(Bolton town inspired prints; travel and transport)

I was working with adding my three different scenes of Bolton and then allowing them to interact with each other. Maybe i must try the whole design in one colour and see if it seems to flow better and add the extra colours elsewhere? hmm

This is Bolton one - the new transformation for Bolton, inspired print. Not at all finished but the base of the print seems to look good, i love the pattern paper texture added to the design and the bold lines which help the character of the work.

Need i not forget the colour choice - amazing
very on-trend this season, the beautiful peachy, orange

There is definitely character and interest in the painting, but i really need to find substance for it. It just seems to go best with the chosen colours, and when taken into photoshop and tweeking begins with the colours it drains out the texture of the watercolours. REALLY need to work on this, it has major potential for a brilliant design.

Fantastic design, inspired by Oliver Kugler, Kate Sutton...

A simple, yet brilliantly formatted design..

i feel there is more than can be done to it like i have tried but it seems to over complicate the design and the simplicity is stolen.

I can see this design on anything to do with design, wall hangings, sofas, cushions, ceramics, rugs, fashion garments - mens t-shirts, women's tops, absolutely amazing, it'a one of them designs that work with anything, and that can hardly be said about much of my work, i'm not sure whether thats a good thing..

One of my favourites, it seems to have instant appeal and the palette really compliments the design. Again based on Bolton town.

I have taken this into embroidery now and worked into the yellow half of the lady using black embroidery thread. I used the architecture of the BOLTON ONE building and entered that into the silhouette.

Does look interesting and adds character into my design.

I have designed this for a A0 CANVAS WALL HANGING

This is an interesting texture which has been created by CAD using my images and adding typography to my work.

I will work to have similar overlapping prints to work alongside this print.

An overall outstanding look and not to mention the very well worked palette.

This is the start of my transport section of my prints - to be part of the BRITISH TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT theme. I love the water effect of the print, and the palette again seems to work excellently. I love the music notes added in for extra texture and the splashes of paint which add buckets of colour to the design. The gingham checks really work well with the texture of the print and the method used to paint each of the motifs shows quality in the work.

Overall, i am happy with the current progress made, i am most happy about my palettes and how they all seem to work alongside each other, each of the designs have an interesting look which would attract a viewer from a distance. After viewing them all, one after the other, i can see the relationship and how the ensemble can be put together for my graduate show!

Now more to do, and still not got enough of my TOKYO STREET STYLE work to put up.