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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Final Major Development

Ok, so these are a few new things i have been working on this week, still not satisfied that it's to my standard, but i think photoshop is shouting their name! so that's another to add to the to do list..

These have all been based on British travel and transport 40s-70s. I tried to concentrate mainly on the towns and this week mainly on bolton (my hometown). This is because i have decided to amalgamate my bolton one project with the final major. It makes my life much easier i guess. 

So this design was one looking at the old train station in BOLTON and how the horse and carriage used to be common local transport. I used minimal colour to keep the attention on the illustrations themselves. The colour palette is one which is based on leaflets i had collected from museums from the 50s. I then recreated the colours into more modern, vibrant colours rather than the old paste-y tones.

The illustration above was completed my using two different streets of BOLTON and then using bits of colour to enhance the design. I was happy with the outcome but the proportion of the other imagery such as the cars is something which will need to be amended. The palette again has been inspired by imagery and advertisements from the previous generations and when BOLTON was once a mill town. Now it is a town which is expressed with a multi-cultural society and universities and colleges. The mills no longer exist and no textile trading is done anymore. 

I began with the idea of using houses as silhouettes and then adding more water wash palettes mixed with gouache. I used typography in the position of the windows within terraced houses and behind painted a more modern contemporary building near our university which is a block of flats to mix both old and new buildings together through contemporary illustration.

 I then added a perforated line which reads, "Drive along perforated line". This was to add humour to the design as i wanted to demonstrate how bolton has changed a lot since the 50s. cars are a common method of transport, foreign language is common now as different cultures come together in one town; Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, English, Turkish, Polish, African and many more. The perforated line was used in apposed to a block line as there has been a break in society and people attitudes to other cultures has changed. Transport has progressed as the years have gone on and the letters flying out of cars are to represent different languages which make up a  community.

more to be updated soon...

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